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ITALFILE products aren’t only simple universal remote controls for gates, they are examples of real design and elegance. Surely, the design that characterises Prime and Jane remotes has been studied and created in order to be compact, elegant and aggressive at the same time, but also handy and efficient.

ITALFILE universal gate remotes are marked by lines, size and shape that make them perfect accessories to take with you every day. Thanks to their soft touch finishing and the ergonomic shape, they are handy to be kept in the pocket or in your set of keys, and perfect for every occasion. Our universal remotes are available in a wide range of colours in order to satisfy anyone’s personal taste and to match even the most bizarre outfits.

The design is surely the one of the most distinctive traits of ITALFILE universal remotes, but another important feature is the compatibility. This because our remote controls are compatible with the majority of remotes and receiver systems on the market. Then, you can use ITALFILE universal remote controls with your system without wasting time. In fact, their duplication and memorisation to the receiver procedures are simple and quick, made of few and straightforward steps.

From universal remote controls to gate automation. Flashing lights, photocells and keypads characterized by ITALFILE‘s design and quality.

The care in the selection of materials and of design will add style to your gate, nothing will be left to chance.

The models of ITALFILE universal gate remote controls and automation accessories are made in Italy products, characterised by quality: simple and elegant, handy and smart.

Now that you know about this, can you live without ITALFILE products?